pros and cons of using a public adjuster

The pros of using a public adjuster include the following:
1. A public adjuster can provide expert advice on the insurance claims process and handle a wide range of claims.
2. They can provide guidance to ensure the claimant receives the maximum benefit from their insurance policy.
3. Public adjusters are familiar with the complex language of insurance policies.
4. They can work with the insurance company to seek a fair settlement.

The cons of using a public adjuster include the following:
1. Public adjusters can be more expensive than filing a claim without them.
2. They may not be experienced in assessing the value of certain damages.
3. Depending on their fee structure, public adjusters could be less inclined to encourage clients to settle quickly.
4. In some cases, a public adjuster may be held responsible for any errors or omissions in their investigation of the claim.


-A public adjuster will have a thorough understanding of insurance policies and associated claims processes, offering invaluable guidance on the potential costs and benefits of filing for a claim.

-They can provide access to objective, third-party reviews of your claim and help you navigate complicated paperwork and legal requirements.

-Public adjusters can offer a more personal service, taking the time to get to know you and your claim, and often providing custom solutions.

-In many states, their fees are capped at a reasonable amount, reducing the cost of representation in comparison to attorneys.


-In some cases, adjusters may not have the experience and knowledge to accurately assess an insurance claim and resolve it for the best benefit of the policyholder.

-Public adjusters come with an additional cost, either in the form of a fee or a contingency based on the amount of the claim recovered.

-They may be biased and may push for a higher amount of the claim recovered even if it could be contested.

-Insurance companies may be unwilling to negotiate with them, as they are not employed by the insurance company.

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1. A public adjuster can provide a valuable service to policyholders by minimizing the stress associated with the claims process and ensuring that all benefits due to the policyholder are obtained.
2. Public adjusters can provide invaluable advice during the negotiation process, helping to ensure that the best possible offer is secured.
3. Through their expertise, public adjusters can identify issues that may not have been noticed by either the policyholder or the insurer, and they can advocate on behalf of the policyholder to make sure that all the appropriate information is part of the claim.
4. Public adjusters may also be able to secure an increase in the amount of coverage, or a more favorable settlement than that secured through the insurer.


1. Some people may find it difficult to trust an outside third party to handle their claims and may prefer to take on this role themselves.
2. Public adjusters do not always bargain for the best possible settlement for the policyholder and, instead, may favor their own interests or the interests of their employers.
3. The cost of using a public adjuster may be prohibitive for some, as the fees are often based on a percentage of the total claim payout.

To become a public adjuster, you will need to complete a two-year course of study in insurance law and claims adjustments, pass a state-administered exam, and then obtain a license from the state insurance department. Additionally, you will likely need a minimum of two years of experience as a licensed adjuster and to complete continuing education courses on a regular basis to maintain your license.
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There are both pros and cons of using a public adjuster. The pros include getting specialized advice and assistance from an experienced professional, who is familiar with the insurance claim process and knows the laws governing such claims. Public adjusters can also provide assistance in negotiating with insurance companies and advocating for the policyholder in order to get the best possible settlement or reimbursement. The cons of using a public adjuster include costs involved in hiring a public adjuster and potential conflicts of interest that may arise if the adjuster is not adequately independent of the insurance company. Additionally, the policyholder may need to pay out-of-pocket fees if they decide to pursue a case against their insurance company.

-Public adjusters are trained and experienced in evaluating insurance claims and can help review the terms of your insurance policy to ensure you receive the maximum amount of coverage possible.
-A public adjuster eliminates any potential conflict of interest that may exist when an insurance company employs their own adjuster to evaluate the claim.
-Public adjusters can be a great resource to get advice and support while dealing with your insurance provider.
-Public adjusters may be able to assist in negotiations with your insurance company on your behalf.

-Public adjusters typically charge a percentage of the claim amount in addition to hourly fees, which can add up and may not be covered by your insurance policy.
-In some cases, it can be difficult to know if a public adjuster is genuine and competent, as there are many people posing as public adjusters with little to no training in the field.
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