how to add a gift card to american eagle app

To add a gift card to the American Eagle App, follow these instructions:

1. Open the American Eagle App on your device.

2. Select the “My AEO” tab in the bottom right corner of the app.

3. Select the “Payment” option.

4. Select “Gift Cards”.

5. Select “Add Gift Card”.

6. Enter the gift card number and PIN.

7. Select “Add Gift Card” to add the gift card to your account.

Your gift card will now be linked to your account and you can use it during checkout at any American Eagle store or online.

Unfortunately, American Eagle does not currently have a gift card feature in their app. You can purchase physical gift cards for American Eagle on their website or at most retail store locations.
about adding a gift card to American Eagle app?

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to add a gift card to the American Eagle App. However, you can still redeem a gift card from American Eagle using one of their stores or online at

Unfortunately, American Eagle does not currently offer a gift card feature through its mobile app. At this time, the only way to purchase a gift card is to visit an American Eagle store or visit their website.

1. American Eagle Outfitters Headquarters – Pittsburgh, PA
2. AE Studios – New York City, NY
3. American Eagle Outfitters Phoenix Store – Phoenix, AZ
4. American Eagle Outfitters Las Vegas Store – Las Vegas, NV
5. American Eagle Outfitters Seattle Store – Seattle, WA
6. American Eagle Outfitters Orlando Store – Orlando, FL
7. American Eagle Outfitters Dallas Store – Dallas, TX
8. American Eagle Outfitters Chicago Store – Chicago, IL
9. American Eagle Outfitters Atlanta Store – Atlanta, GA
10. American Eagle Outfitters San Francisco Store – San Francisco, CA of iran

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