how long does a termite live

The average life span of a termite is several years, depending on the species. The worker and soldier castes of some species may live for up to 5 years, while the reproductive members may live up to 10 years.

The average lifespan of a worker termite is about two to three years. Depending on the species and environmental conditions, reproductive termites may live up to ten years.
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The lifespan of a termite depends on the species, but most species live between 1-2 years in the wild. The best way to determine the lifespan of a termite species is to consult a local entomologist or research the particular species. You can also look up information on the internet, such as on websites like and other entomological sites.

The lifespan of a termite varies depending on the species of termite, as well as other factors such as habitat. The life cycle of a termite starts with reproductive adults, which lay eggs and create colonies. The eggs mature into larvae and then into nymphs, which become the workers and soldiers that form the colony. These lifecycles can last from several weeks to several years. Fully grown reproductive adults may live for several years as well.

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Termites typically live for three to five years.

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