garage door goes up a few inches and stops

If your garage door goes up a few inches and stops, it’s most likely due to a broken or disconnected torsion spring. It is important to not attempt to fix the issue yourself, as this can be a very dangerous process that requires specific tools, a trained technician, and an understanding of the mechanics. We recommend that you contact a professional garage door repair service to get your door back in working order.

The most common cause of this type of issue is a misalignment of the safety sensors at the bottom of the garage door. This issue can be easily fixed by realigning the sensors, which can be done by cleaning the lenses of the sensors or pushing the small button on the sensors.
about getting it fixed ?

First, you should check to make sure the door’s tracks, springs, and all of its other moving parts are all properly lubricated and in good condition. If lubrication and inspection do not help, then you will likely need to call a repair technician. A professional can diagnose the problem and use their specialized tools to get the door working again.
in boston?

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2. Freedom Trail
3. USS Constitution Museum
4. The Black Heritage Trail
5. Fenway Park
6. The Paul Revere House
7. Old North Church
8. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library
9. Massachusetts State House
10. Harvard University

1. Grand Canyon – Arizona, USA
2. Taj Mahal – Agra, India
3. Great Wall of China – Beijing, China
4. Petra – Jordan
5. Machu Picchu – Peruvian Andes, Peru
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Some popular tourism activities and adventures that can be had when the garage door goes up a few inches include:

1. Exploring Nature: A garage door opens up to the great outdoors! Take a nature walk and observe the birds, mammals, reptiles, plants, and insects of the area.

2. Viewpoints: If a viewpoint is located nearby, you can use the garage door opening as a lookout point to watch both the local wildlife and the scenery of the landscape in front of you.

3. Photography: Go for a photo walk around the area. Using the garage door as your vantage point, take shots of animals, birds, plants, and other amazing sights in your surroundings.

4. Geocaching: Use the garage opening as a starting point for your geocaching hunt. Look for caches in the area and log your finds in the official geocaching app.

5. Stargazing: If you can’t see the stars from indoors due to the city skyline or light pollution, use the garage door as the perfect spot for a night of stargazing, telescopes and binoculars included!

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