can you sell a house with back taxes

It is possible to sell a house with back taxes owed, but the process is a bit more complicated than a typical home sale. Generally, the seller and the buyer will negotiate who pays the back taxes. At closing, the title company will take on the responsibility of collecting the back taxes due and paying them off with proceeds from the sale. Then, the title company will release the funds to the seller after the tax lien has been satisfied. The seller will need to file any necessary documents with the county or town in order to complete the sale. Depending on the amount of taxes owed on the property, it may take several months to complete the sale.

It is possible to sell a house with back taxes, although the process is complicated and the buyer needs to understand the implications of the back taxes before proceeding with the sale. The buyer will need to pay off the back taxes in order to purchase the house and may not be able to take ownership of the property until they have done so. The seller needs to make sure they will have enough money to pay off the taxes and related expenses before they list the house for sale. In some cases, the buyer may be able to negotiate a deal with local authorities where they agree to purchase the house and take responsibility for paying the back taxes in exchange for a discount.

First, you should contact the tax authority that holds the lien on your house to get the full amount owed and payment instructions. You will generally need to make your payment in full before they will remove the lien. Once the lien has been paid off, you can then list and market your house for sale just like any other home. If a buyer makes an offer, you should include your payment in the purchase agreement so that you can provide proof of payment to the tax authority when you close the sale.

Yes, you can sell a house with back taxes. Typically, the buyer will take on the responsibility to pay any outstanding taxes. It is suggested that they include language in the sales contract to make sure that the seller has agreed to pay the back taxes. In some cases, the buyer can pay the back taxes and then reclaim them from the seller after the closing of the sale. It is important to check with a qualified real estate or tax professional to determine the best way to handle back taxes before entering into any real estate contracts.

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