can you lift a garage door with a broken spring

It is possible to lift a garage door with a broken spring, but it is not recommended as it can cause severe damage to the door and your property. To lift the door, you should use a pair of vice grips or another type of clamp to secure the bottom of the door. You should then pull the door up using a rope, or you may use a come along to help hold the door in place. However, it is safest to call a professional for this repair.

If the garage door has a torsion spring, it is not recommended to lift the door with a broken spring. It is very dangerous to do this and could cause injury or even death. It is best to call a professional garage door technician to replace the broken spring and make the necessary repairs.
about fixing it

1. To fix a broken garage door spring you will need some basic tools and materials including a new spring.

2. First disconnect the opener from the door by unplugging it or releasing the manual cable.

3. If you have a standard extension spring system, you will need to lift the door manually using a pair of vise grips or a clamp.

4. Once you have the door lifted, you can remove the bottom brackets on either side and carefully disconnect the old spring.

5. Install the new spring in the same manner and clamp in place.

6. Measure the previous length of the old spring and make sure to adjust the tension of the new spring to the same level.

7. Restore the connection to your opener and test the door by manually lifting it to make sure the springs respond correctly.

8. Adjust the tension as necessary to ensure a safe and smooth door operation.

No, you should not try to lift a garage door with a broken spring since it can be dangerous, as the lack of tension can cause the garage door to unexpectedly drop or come off its track. It is best to call a professional repair company to replace the broken spring.

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