a major ukulele chord

C major ukulele chord: | 0 // 4 // 2 // 0 |
you strum each string once in order?

The most common major ukulele chord is the C major chord, which consists of the notes C, E, and G. The strumming pattern for this chord would be as follows: strum down on the C string, strum up on the E string, then strum down on the G string.
about learning it?

To learn a major ukulele chord, first you need to familiarize yourself with the notes of the chord. There are 4 notes in a major ukulele chord: C, E, G, and A. Next, determine the string and fret combination needed to play the chord. This can be done by referencing online chord charts or online chord diagrams. Once you have the notes and the string/fret combination, practice making the chord shape with your hands until you’re comfortable with it. Finally, practice changing from that chord to other chords until you have mastered the skill of strumming the chord. Good luck!

Fmaj7: 033210
Am7: 002010
G6: 020200
C6: 032000
E7: 020100

1. Waikiki, Hawaii (the birthplace of the ukulele)
2. Moloka ʻI, Hawaii (where the original ukulele was made)
3. Ko Olina, Oahu, Hawaii (home of the first ukulele festival)
4. Kapaʻa, Kauai, Hawaii (a vibrant ukulele-making community)
5. Tokyo, Japan (filled with ukulele clubs and events)
6. San Francisco, California (known as the ukulele capital of the world)
7. London, England (a major hub for ukulele culture)
8. Dublin, Ireland (the largest ukulele festival in Europe)
9. Nashville, Tennessee (famous for ukulele-centric music)
10. Melbourne, Australia (the largest ukulele event in the Southern Hemisphere) for

1. Taking a ukulele lesson at a local music store or school.

2. Attending a local ukulele festival or camp.

3. Going on a ukulele-themed tour of a nearby city.

4. Visiting local music stores to shop for ukuleles and accessories.

5. Visiting the birthplace of the instrument and exploring its history.

6. Learning to play the ukulele while vacationing in Hawaii.

7. Taking part in an online ukulele class or listening to an online lecture.

8. Playing ukulele at an open mic or other live music event.

9. Take a road trip and visit different ukulele clubs in different states.

10. Participate in busking or other street performances featuring the ukulele.

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