a connection to the remote computer cannot be established

It depends on the situation and the type of connection. Generally, it could take only a few minutes or several hours depending on the complexity of the network environment and the remote computer’s physical location.

This could be caused by a variety of issues. It could be due to a bad network connection, a firewall blocking the connection, or a misconfiguration on the remote computer. Other possible causes include incorrect IP or port settings, or the remote computer being offline. To resolve the issue, you will need to check each of these components and adjust the settings if necessary.
about troubleshooting the issue?

1. Check the computer’s network settings and check that the network connection is active.
2. Check that the IP address and port are correctly configured on the remote computer.
3. Verify that the necessary ports are open on the remote computer’s firewall.
4. Check that any proxy settings are correctly configured.
5. Try pinging the remote computer to check that it is reachable.
6. Check if the remote computer is on the same local area network as the local computer and if not, try accessing the remote computer via a VPN connection.
7. Check the network connection speed of the remote computer and ensure it is not too slow.
8. If available, try connecting to the remote computer via a different network connection.

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